How A Person Can Catch The Pokemon Fastly? Is It A Good Gaming Option?

If you’re a fan of the Nintendo series Pokémon, you will be delighted at the news that there is now a way for you to catch them all in one fell swoop!

The latest update to the game, which began rolling out on July 12th 2017, has brought fast catching to the popular mobile app. This gives players the ability to catch their favorite pocket monsters while they are still far away from their home base.

Before this update, players needed to approach each individual Pokémon individually and attempt to catch it. The process was time consuming and tedious, especially if you wanted to catch multiple creatures at once. Now, however, players can use the ‘Fast Catch’ feature to instantly snag any creature they want to catch.

So, what exactly does this new feature enable? How do you use it? And how much time will it save you? Let’s find out!

What is “Fast Catch” for?

To use the “Fast Catch” function, simply tap the “Catch” button when you see a wild Pokémon nearby. It doesn’t matter whether or not the species of Pokémon is already caught. You can’t use the “Fast Catch” function on another player’s Pokémon either. Your own Pokémon must be within two kilometers of your home base to trigger the function.

However, if you are near an area where only certain Pokémon are available, such as a gym, you may encounter a different type of Pokémon instead.

How to get started with Fast Catching

Once you have successfully caught a Pokémon using the “Fast Catch” method, you will see a notification appear. This means that you can begin training the Pokémon to level up and become stronger.

You will also notice that the Pokémon icon will flash whenever the Pokémon is available for capture. If you don’t feel like playing around on the field, you can click the icon again to cancel the “fast catch” action. However, you cannot cancel if the Pokémon is already caught.

How to make a Pokémon easier to catch

In order to make capturing a particular Pokémon easier, you must first visit the menu by swiping left from the main screen. Then select the “Settings” option followed by the “Trainers” tab.

Here, you can adjust the maximum number of Pokémon that you wish to train simultaneously. For example, if you choose a setting of 1, that means that you can only train one of your Pokémon at a time. If you set the limit to 3, you could train three Pokémon at once.

Additionally, you can also change the difficulty of a specific trainer. If you wish to ensure that a Pokémon is easy to catch, you should choose a high-level trainer who has fewer Pokémon available than other trainers. On the other hand, if you’d like to increase the chance of catching a creature, then go for a lower-tier trainer. There is no need to worry about overloading yourself with too many Pokémon though; you can always return to the settings menu and reduce the number of Pokémon you’re working with.

What happens after you’ve caught something?

After you’ve caught a Pokémon, you will receive a notification letting you know that you can start training the creature immediately. Once you’ve done so, you will also see a progress bar appear. This shows you how close the creature is to becoming a fully-fledged trainer.

As you continue to train your Pokémon, it will grow stronger over time. This is called “Leveling Up” and it will help to improve its skills. Eventually, your Pokémon will reach the point where it is strong enough to challenge rival trainers.

There are plenty of benefits to leveling up your Pokémon. Not only does it allow you to catch more powerful creatures, but it also enables you to access areas of the map that are otherwise inaccessible to non-trainers. These include gyms, Pokestops, and many other locations.

If your Pokémon reaches the required level while you’re exploring the world, you will see a small message informing you of this fact. To celebrate, you will also unlock new items, including Pokéballs and Incense.

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How to prevent your Pokémon from getting too big

One last thing to consider before you play. The size of a Pokémon that you’re raising depends on a variety of factors. One of these is their age, and the other is how well they’ve been trained.

Pokémon trainers often raise younger creatures to make them faster and more agile. They do this because older Pokémon tend to be slower and less flexible. In turn, this makes them harder to catch.

However, even with young Pokémon, you shouldn’t expect to be able to catch everything without some training. That said, you can speed things along by choosing a trainer with fewer Pokémon.

If you’re planning to catch a lot of creatures, it might be worth investing in some Incense. Incense is used to strengthen weaker Pokémon. By using Incense, you can make a Pokémon significantly larger and therefore increase its chances of being caught.

Incense is acquired by spending PokeCoins. You can buy it from vendors across the globe or obtain it through in-app purchases. The cost of Incense varies depending on the item purchased.

The best tips for playing Pokemon GO

Now that you’re familiar with the various ways to catch your first Pokémon in Pokemon GO, we hope that you’ll enjoy your journey.

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