Benefits Of Illuminated Signs For Your Business

Formerly, electrified neon was used to make lit signage. A warm, buzzing sign effect could be achieved by filling glass tubing with neon (or another noble gas) and sending a current through it. Neon has generally fallen out of favor these days (except where people specifically want that old-school throwback effect). Most current lit signage is produced with light emitting diodes (LEDs), which come in a variety of colors and are much more power saving than neon (an old neon sign might require 15,000 volts to power it, while an equal LED installation would only require 24 volts!).

In addition to practical benefits, having a personalized sign such as Valgusreklaamid designed for your company will provide you with intangible benefits. A sign’s color, design, and style say a lot about your company. People will make certain assumptions about your brand just by looking at a sign. Positive feelings like confidence, friendliness, and dependability can be conveyed with a well-thought-out design.

Backlit storefront signage is simple to install and maintain. Backlit signs require almost the same level of maintenance as their unlit graphics equivalents. Keep a watch on your signs during and after inclement weather, and wipe them gently on a regular basis to retain their clarity and gloss.

Metal faces with an opal polycarbonate back tray are common on illuminated letters. LEDs are installed on the back of the face and radiate through the opal backing to create a light halo around each letter. The face of the letter is lit in Face Illuminated Letters, as the name implies. Acrylic faces are typical, with LED modules mounted on a rear tray. Acrylic Illuminated Letters are extremely adaptable when it comes to lighting signs. These signs can be lighted from all sides or just the face, and are ideal for powerful letters and logos.

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