Andorra Business- Company Creation

There is a deep sense of patriotism among the citizens of any country so much so that they are extremely saddened at the thought of moving on to a new place due to unavoidable circumstances.

When you get a new job and the location is in a different country, you have to move to it immediately to join in because rarely do you come across a better chance than this and let’s face it the job market is not quite good either.

Andorra, a landlocked country in Europe, is probably the last one would think of because almost half the world is ignorant about its existence so it is important to note certain things about it in a broader prospect.

Citizenship Prospectus

Andorra is located between France and Europe and you would be shocked to fathom as to how can a puny sized nation like that be such a beautiful place to start your own company.

The European Union, or EU, comprises of numerous countries but Andorra is not included in its list and yet enjoys special status among its nations due to which it is provided funds from various governments to build infrastructure.

The internet services in the country are excellent with the literacy rate being as high as 90% apart from the fact that it has a small population being a landlocked nation so anyone would want to start their own company in its capital Andorra la Vella. 

Despite Spain and France having huge economies and better living conditions tthe question that pops up is why should one choose Andorra for starting a company>

It is due to the double taxation system of the country where the taxpayers don’t have to pay double taxes for a single income in one financial year and the taxation process is transparent. 

This is why investors want to invest their money into infrastructural projects so as to reap benefits economically in the future so if you want to do the same, you might as well get Andorran citizenship at the earliest.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States