How To Save Money – Get To Know About The Ways 

To buy anything in this world, either service or product, you need money. And even if you have huge monthly salary you need saving for some uncertain or certain instants in life such as marriage, education of kids, family, retirement, disease and so on. So now the big question is how to save. Some people are smart enough as they start saving as soon as they start earning.

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Have a look at some tips and tricks to save money

How much is your income and spending?

Do you know what is the biggest hurdle in saving? If you do not know what is your total monthly income and how much are you are spending out of it. To rectify this take a pen paper right now and figure out the whole data of your incoming and outgoing income. As per your comfort, to save money, this should be a monthly or a weekly activity. This will give you a clear-cut idea on how much you can save.

Clear your debt

If most of your income is going towards the payment of your debt then your first priority should be clearing off the debt as soon as you can. Clearing debt means you have all the money that you are earning, so you can now use it for saving.

Are you a spendthrift?

If you spend a lot then you have to change your habit to save money for future or for emergency situation. You really have to prioritize your spending and buy only those things that are the most important. First save then spend.

Cut down your expenses

Go through the list of your monthly expenditure. Figure out the things that can be avoided to cut down monthly expenses. Such as if you are living in a rented apartment and paying hefty amount as rent then you can look for the cheaper apartment. If your saving target requires, you can start using public transport to cut down your transport bills. Do shopping whenever there is discount. But do not do shopping on discount as well as your regular routine. Restrict your dining outs, utility bills, phone bills etc.

Make a saving goal

Set the target that till this month you will save this much amount. This is one of the best habits to save more money. Like you can calculate how much amount you need at your retirement for a comfortable living, then accordingly you can set the monthly budget and saving amount targets. Divide the big target into small but achievable targets.

Stop using credit cards

If you have no control over your shopping then it is better not to shop through credit card. First of all try to control your shopaholic habit. If not then purchase by paying cash. In this way you will spend less as you can see the money going out of your hand.

Set up an automatic transfer

Best way to save money is to create an automatic transfer from the checking account to saving account. Most of the employers give facility where your saving is deducted from your paycheck and transferred to your savings account.

Written by Max
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