Hair Loss Medication That Are Now Out In The Market

Various kinds of products are sold in the market and only one thing’s for sure – customers want only the best for their money. Educated customers are on the lookout for affordable yet good quality products. If you’re purchasing a hair loss medication, don’t you think it’s time that you start looking for the best product in the market?

Dehydrotestosterone or better known as DHT is generally present in the bodies of men and women. If it already excessive in amount, it can cause hair loss. Now, there are DHT inhibitor products sold in the market as well as Alpha Reductase (AR) Inhibitor. Reductase is the enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT or dehydrotestosterone.

Here are some of the medications to treat hair loss. The medications are available in many stores locally, nationwide, or globally.

  • Propecia

This is a pill that is FDA approved which inhibits reductase (type II) found in your body. If you have a receding frontal hairline and thinning top, you can use this product. However, once you stop using the pill, hair loss will start all over again. Propecia can only act on type two, but if you want a more effective formula that can act on both two types of reductase, try using Avodart. This is new drug introduced in the market and is said to be better than Propecia. Don’t use these formulas without consulting first a doctor.

  • Anti-Androgens

This is another hair loss medication but is very much different from the DHT inhibitors. This product will work effectively for a lot of women and men but to those who are planning to use it, they should consult first a doctor. If you have pattern baldness, this may be the medication that you need to take.

One example is Aldactone or Spironolactone. For More info Others are Diane35, Loniten and Arimidex. Loniten should be taken orally and the active ingredients of this particular product are somewhat similar to Rogaine; and it can also stimulate hair growth. The Arimidex inhibits aromatase to control the production of estrogen in the body. Men can use Arimidex if prescribed by the doctor or hair specialist. It is important to balance the hormones inside the body and this is an important consideration when choosing the right hair loss product to use.

  • Minoxidil

Minoxidil or Rogaine can be obtained without a doctor’s prescription. It is available in cream and spray forms which you apply on the scalp directly every morning. But you should not exceed two applications each day.

It would be best to stick with the products approved by the FDA. That way, you can be sure that the products are safe and effective. When shopping for the hair loss product or medication, ask if it is FDA approved. Your doctor can also help you out with that problem. Besides, your doctor will not prescribe a certain medication that will do you no good. So consult a doctor first; this is the secret to treating hair loss immediately.

Hair loss medication is not a problem nowadays. By conducting your own research, you can find out about the different medications available for treating hair loss. Aside from the medications, you can also try other treatment alternatives like cosmetic surgery and natural remedies. It’s all up to you and of course, your budget.

One of the most advanced way to overcome hair thinning and hair treatment are Laser therapy which is typically used by dermatologists and other skin specialists. Now, the FDA has cleared the way for some products to be used at home. At-home laser therapy for hair is intended to help regrow your hair while also making it thicker. The results can take several months to take effect.

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