Weed Your Garden Without Hurting Your Back

When suffering from back pain, it becomes difficult to perform various activities, weeding your garden is one of them. Weeding and other gardening chores need you to bend your back for long durations, which could mean increased strain for your back, leading to back trouble. But you can scale back the pressure exerted on your back by sticking to the below discussed tips.

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One of the most straightforward methods to make the job of weeding more at ease is to sit on a bucket while doing it. This is a highly advised measure for those who spend a few hours weeding their gardens. Sitting will take the pressure off your knees as well as your back and hips. Do do not forget to place your sitting bones decisively on the bucket though . Also, separate your legs wide and make sure they are at least a shoulder width apart. This will help share the body weight and prevent sciatic discomfort or other back issues from worsening.

If you’ve a relatively healthy lumbar region, then you can consider sitting on the ground while weeding. But here too you must be careful of your posture. Sit with your knees bent so that one knee is positioned in front of the other. Also, make sure that you keep your spine as long as possible.

Also, do not over the position of the shoulders. When you sit on all fours, the movements of leaning forward, shifting and the like are brought about by the shoulders. So, be certain that your shoulder muscles don’t experience needless strain. It is not only the shoulders you have to use caution about ; even the rest of the backbone needs equal attention. See that no muscles are strained throughout the trunk. This is a very important step towards the prevention of sciatica also.

Are you those who like to stand and do the weeding? If yes, then it is recommended that you provide your body some support. You can do it by positioning your elbow on your thigh. Fold your left arm in the elbow and then gradually place it over your left thigh. This may offer your body an external brace and also stabilize the body posture. As a result, your back will not have to deal with any needless jerks. One must be careful about the body posture when subjected to sciatica and different kinds of back pain as the wrong posture could irritate the difficulty farther.

Written by Max
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