First Few Days Free Dogs

Often people who get a dog from a rescue or adoption shelter find themselves with a grown animal that they must become acquainted with. What you may not be aware of is that there are some simple things you can do to make this first period of adjustment easier for both you and your new pet. This article covers a number of things you should be aware of during the first few days following the adoption of your new dog.

There are a number of basic supplies you should purchase for your pet prior to adoption. Most of the supplies can be purchased used from a garage sale, or on sale at pet stores. Food and water bowls, should be washed and rinsed so that they are clean and fresh for your new animal. Also, you should come up with some materials for bedding. Often thin blankets or even a section of an old comforter make great bedding for your new pet to rest peacefully on. Although some pet shelters will provide a leash and collar when you pick up the animal, it may be your responsibility to take care of this. If this is the case, you should proceed to your local pet store, or one-stop shopping center.

Most medium to large size pet stores contain machines that will allow you to create an ID tag immediately. While you’re at the store, you should take the time to pick up a large bag of dog food. If you have extra money, you may find it helpful to purchase a Rubbermaid brand container to store the food in. This will allow easier access to the food and keep it fresher for longer periods of time. On the first day home with your new pet, you can do a number of things to make things easier for you and your new dog. Unless you buy the exact type of dog food your new pet was eating at the rescue shelter, your dog might undergo diarrhea as a result of the change of diet. Make sure to provide your dog with healthy food and other supplements such as cbd for dogs. There are two types of common foods you can use to help ease the transition and avoid this. One is to feed boil some potatoes and mix it in with your dog’s food for the first few meals. Alternatively, you can mix boiled rice in with the food.

At first, you should keep your new dog on a leash around the house. Show him or her where his bed will be and where he can find his food and water dishes. Be sure to keep your pet close by when you are in the house, and allow him or her trips outside. Give your dog kudos when he or she goes outside until the activity has become routine. If your pet has an accident inside, it isn’t necessarily because he or she isn’t housebroken. It is more likely that it hasn’t understood its new surroundings yet. If you catch your dog having an accident you should loudly say “NO.” and take the dog outside right away. It is not helpful to try and correct the action after it has already had the accident and never hit your animal if they have a mistake. You will not help the animal understand what went wrong, and will instead bread behavioral problems in your new pet. Always perfect your pets behavior with praise when it does something right. Lastly, understand that there will be a period of adjustment for both you and your dog, but that the dog will need time to understand what you expect from him or her. It is vitally important that you exercise patience with the animal and do your best not to create a situation where problems are likely to occur. Do your best to be consistent with your animal, and within a short time you will be living together happily.

Written by Max
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