Understanding CLICK PER SECOND & How to Get a High CPS Score

CPS or Click-Per-Second denotes the total number of clicks a person achieves using a mouse within a timespan in second. Those common times include as 1, 5, 10, 60, and 100 seconds. 

There are many who hold the opinion that CPS isn’t that important or at all needed on a larger scale. However, when gaming, this can change very quickly. In any game which requires clicking on the mouse to attack or defend, a particular number of CPS gets recorded within the game every time the player uses the mouse. 

In an action-packed game where you are needed to launch attacks frequently, players need to achieve a certain CPS to stay alive in the game itself and take out opponents hard and fast! Most PvP competitive game scenarios require more number of CPS as it helps increase the player’s chances of winning the game.

So How Do You Achieve A High CPS Score?

To achieve a higher CPS score, players have to keep a simple mindset and look to give everything they have only in a second. It may seem that there isn’t much for players to do in such a short time-span. But believe it or not, some players can achieve 10-15 CPS in a second. 

And to achieve this feat, those players tend to use click methods like Jitter clicking, Kohi clicks, and butterfly clicking to achieve a high CPS score. 

In addition to this, players must also remember when the game starts and look to click every second in the same manner as other competitive game modes. In a 1-second game, the player should tip up, begin by holding their breath. Doing so, they typically can achieve 8-10 clicks each second.

That said, nothing happens at the first try. And players should play the game as many times as they feel like to increase their click-per-second.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of collectedbytas-ka.com and he also owns different businesses across the United States