Looking For A Wellness Retreat In India?- Get In Touch With The Top 3 Resorts

If you look at India’s history, you will know that it is the birthplace of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatments inspire relaxation and spas that are opened all around the world. If you are a citizen of India or traveling to India and willing to enjoy the ancient but successful luxury detox retreatshere are the best options.

Ananda in Haridwar

It is awarded as the best luxury detox retreats present in the foothills of the Himalayas. You will enjoy a perfect blend of yoga and Ayurveda’s traditional Indian practices with international wellness and organic cuisines. There is a spa in the resort for the Detox and distressing activities. You will enjoy many activities like a fitness center, a pool, multi-cuisine restraint, and an adventure of the nature walk. The activity of the Ganges aarti and wildlife safari is also included.

Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort

Carnoustie luxury detox retreats are situated in the state of Kerela near the Arabian Sea. The primary feature is that the therapy provided by them is customized according to the customer’s needs. You are most welcomed to this resort if you are willing to change your inner selves. There are herbs garden which you can visit, and many cultural activities are arranged for the guests. There is a library where you can get the ec=xcess to your favorite books.

A fixed schedule of yoga and exercising is provided to the guest beforehand as they arrive at the resort.

Hilton Shillim

It is awarded as the best luxury detox retreats and wellness spa in Asia. In the lap of the Western Ghats, this resort is present in the area of 70 acres. There is a team of Ayurvedic doctors and experts available who will guide you throughout your journey. The incentives for joining this center are detoxification, rejuvenation, better stress management, and anti-aging care.


If you are looking out for the best luxury detox retreats in India, then these are the options for you. You will enjoy a whole lot of yoga and ayurvedic activities during your retreat holidays. 

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