Catch Far Away Pokemon

It’s been a while since I posted here, apologies Pokémon Go trainers. I was having a lot of issues with my phone after jailbreaking to try to get screen recordings for everyone, so I’ve reverted back to the standard iOs (so sad). If anyone has great tips about screen recording, I’m all ears!

Despite not posting, I’ve still been playing Pokémon Go across Boston as I got this new account. You can also buy pokemon go accounts with exciting pokemon through this link here as well. While playing Pokémon Go, I’ve found that a lot of rare Pokémon (aka Dragonite and Lapras) have been appearing far away on my screen. I took to the Silph Road and Boston Pokémon Go subreddits to find if other people were having a similar issue — to no surprise, they were.

It seems like since the update in early September, trainers have found that rare Pokémon appear far away on their screen. Instead of the casual thumb flip that you can do while walking down the road or at your desk, trainers are having to try to lob the ball far with their pointer finger. This type of Pokéball toss is not very accurate and ends up wasting a lot of Pokéballs. In the case where you’re trying to catch Dragonite or Lapras, you’ll be wasting too many precious ultra balls.

If you’re wondering how to catch Pokémon that are far away, then there are a couple of simple ways to do so without losing a bunch of items.

A lot of players turn-off AR mode to conserve battery or to avoid having to snap awkward photos on the train, but you’ll need AR mode if you want to catch Pokémon in the distance. If you find a Pokémon that is far away, then turn on AR mode and move/tilt your screen so the Pokémon is placed at the bottom half. Once there, you should be able to easily catch Pokémon.

This is the method that I like to use and is pretty effective, but you can also use a curve bell from the bottom left-hand side of the screen. This will give you more space for lobbing the Pokéball and you might even get extra XP if you land it just right.

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