Top 5 Mistakes Rhinoplasty Patients Make

Plastic surgeons says the top five bone-headed mistakes people make while searching for the best L.A. rhinoplasty are pretty common.

So we’ve attached some footsteps down a path you really don’t want to follow if you care for your health or the good appearance of your face.

The top five most common mistakes to avoid during a hunt for a Los Angeles rhinoplasty provider are:

1) No plastic surgery research.

Too many people take plastic surgery referrals from their great aunt Sally who has a next door neighbor with a son or daughter who once had Botox injections. Instead, use the Internet which holds a wealth of websites that will tell you everything you always wanted to ask. Be sure and find a surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery, or for rejuvenation surgery of the head and neck, a cosmetic surgeon who is board certified in head and neck surgery, officially deemed as otolaryngology.

2) Lack of a “shopping list”.

After you’ve done some research, you should have some questions in mind. Write them all down and, making sure you don’t forget the list, ask the surgeon each and every query during your first visit.

3) Wrong choice of cosmetic surgeon.

Sure, there are fumble-thumbed docs out there who might totally botch the job, but what you are really searching for is a master surgeon who specializes in the procedure you want. All of plastic surgery involves about 140 procedures so no one surgeon can master them all. The very best concentrate on maybe five to eight. Look for a surgeon who does the procedure you want at least twice weekly and has done it for at least 10 years. Look for hundreds of before and after pictures to prove it. Rhinoplasty Vancouver is known for its quality and reliable service. Hence, it is important that you do your research first before choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

4) Not being sure how you will probably look after surgery.

Before and after pictures of previous patients will take you only so far, even if there are dozens and dozens. Best way to cope: surgeons who offer computer imaging, sometimes known as computer morphing. Here’s how it works: A dedicated computer shows your current picture. An artist then listens to the changes you want and applies them to the picture to show the likely, predicted result. In most cases, your actual after-surgery picture (after you’ve healed) will be even better than the predicted picture like the one at the bottom of this post. (Read more about computer imaging.)

5) Failure to disclose everything to the surgeon.

Virtually all surgeons want patients to stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery. They also want to know how many prescription drugs, herbs or even street drugs you may ingest. These doctors are not nosey or judging you, they are asking vital information to help keep you safe.

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