Brazilian Keratin Treatment The Same As Hair Rebonding

The answer to this question is a big NO. There are lots of distinctions between these two hair treatments. Hair Rebonding has been around for quite some time now while the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is fairly new compared to it. Their main objective is already different from each other. Hair Rebonding is aimed to make the hair super straight, while the keratin hair treatment seeks to remove the frizz from the hair. That is quite a difference right there.

In hair rebonding, the result is super straight hair but does not guarantee that it will display a lustrous and radiant hair. If the hair is truly healthy prior to the rebonding process, then it will be as shiny, but if it is already treated or damaged hair, having it rebonded will not give it a glossy finish. The Keratin Treatment however, possesses the technology to restore the hair’s elasticity, therefore, the hair, aside from being frizz free and shiny, will likewise be as supple and smooth after the treatment.

In contrast to hair rebonding or relaxing where the result is totally straight that it often appears to be limp, the keratin treatment leaves the hair with just the right amount of volume for it to appear as healthy like that of an untreated hair. The volume can be attributed to the moisture that the keratin gives off during the process and will stay on the hair for a number of months. This makes this treatment stand out from the world of hair treatment technology all around the globe. It is perfect for both treated and untreated hair, and will not cause damage to both.

You should know the inoar moroccan keratin treatment reviews to have understanding of the treatment. The reviews are available at the online search engines. It will offer much useful information to get the treatment. There is less damage to the hairs of the patient.

The keratin treatment will also appeal to both male and female market. Yes, we all know that the salon is dominated by female clients because the men have their barbers. But in this day and age where a lot of men are considered metro sexual, or those who can be said to be as vain as the women and are very meticulous when it comes to their grooming, the keratin treatment is perfect for them. This hair solution will not leave their hair unnaturally straightened out, but will result in giving off that healthy and smooth look. In addition, this treatment does not require a lot of upkeep and the hair will not be so stiff after the process and that is why it is perfect for the men too.

What the Brazilian keratin treatment offers that the rebonding or relaxing does not have is easy manageability. This benefit is the result from the moisture of the treatment which leaves the hair frizz free that the person can easily run his fingers through it. It does not require thorough application of hair conditioner or moisturizers after the process in order to achieve that healthy and shiny look. This keratin hair treatment can be said to be the newest advancement in the science of hair treatments. It does away with the unhealthy effects of chemical solutions we had in the past, and found its way to attract both the male and female audience.

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