Instagram Small Businesses Beginners Guide – Follow the guide!!

Instagram is highly under-estimated social platform for businesses. A visually stunning app, allowing users to capture, customise and share photos and more recently videos, Instagram is now an attractive marketing tool for many small businesses.

Once viewed as a personal photo sharing platform, Instagram has proven itself to be a powerful platform for marketers allowing them to reach out to their customers on a more personal level by sharing pictures and brief videos.

With over 300 million people now using Instagram, it makes sense for small businesses to use this free app as a part of their marketing tool kit. Here are 5 steps for beginners to get your small business successfully Instagramming in no time. The small business people should follow a guide to get the desire results. The marketing of the brand and products is great when you will comprar likes instagram at reasonable costs. The adopting of the five ways will provide the benefit to the business people. 

Optimise your Profile

Each social media platform is different so you must ensure that your profile is optimised for that particular platform. Your profile is very important as it is a reflection on your business.

Ensure that you have a clear profile picture showing your businesses logo, it’s a good idea to add a brief description explaining what you business is all about, include links to your website incase your followers want to find out more.

It’s important that your profile is public in order to reach a wider audience, having a private profile can be off putting for Instagrammers.

Cultivate a following

First of all you must link your Facebook and Twitter account to your Instagram account, this will allow your existing customers to connect with you and share your content on multiple platforms.

It seems a ridiculous thing to say, but you must remember to be social on your social networking sites. Connect with your followers, follow them back and comment or like their content, don’t just become a “ghost follower” make your presence known.

A great way to connect with people that are interested in your subject area is to use hashtags, just like you would on Twitter.

Good content

Instagram images and videos can serve to give followers a better insight into your company and a taste of your brand’s personality. You can use Instagram to share behind-the-scenes happenings, events, employees and products.

For instance, a small business retailer might shoot photos of newly arrived products and share on the company’s Instagram feed to entice customers to come in and shop. Take advantage of the video feature, you now have 15 seconds to create a video of your choice with a variety of filters to choose from. Be creative!

If you’re struggling for content ideas then here are 5 Brands that have smashed Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. Although some of these brands are large businesses, others are small businesses that have utlised Instagram as a way of making their business grow.

Reward you Instagram followers

Everyone loves a freebie, why not try and attract new customers by setting up competitions so your followers can win some of your products.

Consider awarding a merchandise promo code or even a cash prize as part of a contest. A lot of small businesses are setting up photo competitions. Followers reposting “regram” a photo with a custom hashtag, this then encourages other followers to do so. Optimise these contests by integrating them into your businesses Facebook page too.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States