Lego Table- Building a Virtual Castle in the Air

Children are considered the future of any nation on whose shoulders rest the fate of the world because they grow up to be adults but it entirely depends on their childhood lifestyle on what path they are going to take when they do grow up, which in turn is in the hands of their parents.

If they are nurtured well, they will develop virtuous qualities and if they are treated poorly with neglect and abuse, then there are higher chances that they will take a wrong path.

So they need to be well taken care of right from their time of birth and one way to do so is to give them the best possible nurturing at a tender age like getting an appropriate kids Lego table that they can play with but the question is how to do so and the solution is simple too.


Kids are quite fond of the Lego table but they have to be taught to build it so I tried to look for a good and cheap priced one in the market but couldn’t find it so I went on to make it myself.

So therefore, the table parts were quite new for me as I bought one for the top in red and a few base plates of different color and then began the cutting of the parts into smaller pieces.

The corner always used to stick out while being glued and attached to the table while the circular model chosen was where the base plates were kept in an arranged format and then came the bricks that were used to piece both parts into one.

The glue takes a little while to dry and after an hour, I placed a few items on top of it like books and stationary content and finally, the interior of the plates could be easily taken out.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States