How To Smoke Marijuana

There are literally hundreds of ways to smoke marijuana, but I will spare you of all the ways for now and just focus on my five favorite ways. Moreover, you can improve the high that you get with marijuana by adding CBD to it. Moreover, the best cbd for anxiety is also good for your health as you use it while smoking. 

1) One Hitter – Most of the time, I am smoking throughout my workday because I have the luxury of working from home and on the Internet. So, throughout the day, I might slip down to my enclosed porch in the back and take a toke from my one-hitter of some “fire” cannabis and get my mind right for the next part of my business day. It is a great life, but the one-hitter delivers enough for me. Plus, it doesn’t make me smell like marijuana smoke. Hiding the smell of marijuana is always a plus. One hitter is a great way to smoke marijuana

2) Roll a Joint – There are multiple ways to roll a joint, but the old school way with the white 1.5 papers are the best. I prefer 1.5s to 1.0 because it allows you to roll bigger joints. There is nothing like laying in a hammock in your backyard and blowing a big fat joint, reading a good book, or watching the clouds pass by. These are the best ways to enjoy marijuana. Rolling a joint is a great way to smoke marijuana

3) Roll a Blunt – From time to time, I like to roll a blunt and smoke it when I am by myself. It just depends, but I only use green leave cigars as the paper. I believe they burner slower for whatever reason, but like it better that way. especially when smoking with other people. They might be talking too much or get too high, get stuck, and are just holding marijuana. With a brown leaf, it will just burn, burn, burn your marijuana up. But with a green leaf, the blunt will not continue to burn and waste your marijuana, it will go out and preserve the weed. Rolling blunts is a great way to smoke marijuana

4) Bong, Water Bongs, hydros – There are too many aids available to you when trying to get high, but the bongs are some of my favorites. They are great for parties to wow people and give them something else to talk about. The first bong I smoked out of was in college where the guy across the hall had a three-foot bong and I gave it a shot. Geeeshh, I was high as I can remember ever being and have been loving it ever since that day. Bongs are a great way to smoke marijuana

5) Vaporizers – I have not tried a vaporizer just yet in my marijuana smoking career, but I know it is coming. They say it is the purest way to smoke marijuana and doesn’t involve smoke so much of the marijuana arguments are out the window. If you have never seen a vaporizer put it on your list and give it a shot. I know that I am. Vaporizers are a great way to smoke marijuana

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States