What is the possible Effect Of Marijuana Legalization

Legalizing medical cannabis continues to be a highly controversial topic. You have to be aware of the possible negative and positive effects of its legalization or non-legalization.

There are numerous benefits if the use of marijuana becomes lawful from the economic point of view. There can be a unique and profitable industry if purchasing and selling this prohibited drug becomes above-board. A medical pot business can be set up easily with the least capital and operational costs. The substance can be exported without the risk of being charged with illegal drug trafficking. It will generate more job opportunities for millions of people and enhance the country’s gross domestic product. People who opt to join this enterprise can look forward to a steady source of income.

Impact on Financial Markets

Marijuana legalization means that a cannabis distribution company can be registered and traded on the stock exchange. During the period of economic recession, liquor and tobacco brands can perform better than most industries. In the same manner, marijuana producers and distributors may be placed in this same category and ultimately provide a haven for investors. This product can be traded in future markets as well. There will be numerous venues for the acquisition of legal cannabis which will result in stronger competition thereby leading to lower costs for consumers. At the moment, people are buying an illegal drug so there is a higher price because of the risk and low supply. Consumers will have more disposable revenue to save, invest, or spend. A sales tax will surely be imposed which translates to extra earnings for the government. In short, more people would be paying into the system instead of obtaining support from this scheme. You should know about the effects of disposable cbd vape pen on the body of the individuals. The paying of the charges for the pen is less in comparison to the other medicine. You can invest the right amount to get the desired results. The risks are less with the vape pen. 

Legalization should not happen

In contrast, certain sectors say no to marijuana legalization. These anti-advocates believe that strict laws work well and have contributed largely to the decrease in the incidence of marijuana growing and possession throughout the country. According to research, there was a significant decline in use of this illegal substance by more than 50 percent from 1979 to 2008. Marijuana remains as the most misused drug either for medicinal or personal reason not only in the United States but across the globe as well.

Medical marijuana laws by state are also being frowned upon by the medical sector. Contrary to the belief of some people, marijuana does not really produce positive medical effects. Medical research pointed out that pot can lead to emotional stress because of withdrawal. It also has adverse effects on concentration, coordination, learning, judgment, and monitoring capability. The last is often seen as the reason for unintentional deaths and injuries in motor vehicle accidents especially among young persons.

Written by Max
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