Akita Puppy For Sale

Responsible Akita breeders in this country and abroad do their uttermost to maintain and improve the breed’s gene pool, but it takes a little bit of time, patience and knowledge to determine a conscientious breeder with a healthy and purebred puppy for sale. Akita dogs are not easy to handle for young dog lovers, and it is advisable to think twice before purchasing an Akita puppy. Are you ready to spend most of your time training your dog? Will you have time to walk your dog on a daily basis? Can you see the difference between a manifestation of merry mood and an attempt to dominate in your house? Do you think you can stop it in a firm and determined way? If the answers to each of these questions are affirmative, you will be okay with an Akita dog.

Now Akita dogs are very different from other breeds as they are quite unique in nature having originated from Japan so most people are skeptical on whether to buy it or not as they are more used to Labrador, Pomeranian, German shepherd, etc. but when it comes to treatment through cbd oil for dogs, Akira takes the cake by a wide margin.

Akita dogs have been around for more than 2000 years. The breed originated in Japan, in the Akita prefecture in the north of the Honshu Island. In ancient times, these dogs were popular among Japanese matagi hunters, who used them for hunting antelopes, deer, wild boar and other large animals. Back in those days, only aristocrats and nobilities could have Akitas in possession, and an Akita puppy for sale was something beyond the bounds of imagination. Old predecessors of the modern Akita Inu were smaller in size. There were times when those old Akita dogs were interbred with the Tosa, a fighter dog, and were used in dog fighting contests.

In the first half of the 20th century, when Japan became open for western influences, the Akita was crossbred with the German Shepherd, Great Dane and a number of Mastiff-type dogs, which muted many of its spitz-type features. In the 1930s, enthusiasts exerted efforts to bring the breed back to its original shape. Helen Keller brought the first Akita dog to America in 1937, but he died a year later. Shortly after that, his brother was sent to her, and it is him who every eligible American Akita puppy for sale owes his or her life to. The first breed standard was drafted in 1938, but the World War II hindered the breeding program.

Today, there are two varieties of the Akita breed: the Japanese Akita Inu and the American Akita, the latter being the only one having an official AKC recognition. Akita dogs are large, wither height averaging 26-28 inches, and weigh reaching 110-120lbs. The Akita Inu has only 5 acceptable colors: Pure White, Fawn, Sesame, Red and Brindle. The American Akita comes in any color. Akita dogs have an outstandingly dense water-resistant double-coat and are superb swimmers, also due to their webbed toes. These dogs are known to have easily survived long periods high up in the mountains, under extreme weather conditions. Akita dogs make loving and devoted companions, but they are naturally dignified and willful. Please, when looking at an Akita puppy for sale that strikes you as the world’s most beautiful creature, think about how much you are ready to give in order to get as much what you want from your relationship with the dog.

Written by Max
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