Numerology Meanings By Factors

Numerology meanings are aspects of your personality that are defined by a specific number. The numbers are singular with the exception of 11 and 22 that are Master numbers. These numbers are calculated by using your full name and birth date and then adding the numbers until there is only one remaining singular number. Each letter of the alphabet has an assigned number so that you can perform these calculations on your name.

The numerology meanings that are assigned to each number outline the personality traits for that number. The base for any numerology analysis is that of the core elements with the most important being the Life Path number. This is your base personality type and all other numbers will influence this number in a negative or positive way.

When it comes to numerology, people interested in the topic want to learn more about 333 meaning or how 666 is the number of the devil because online prospects are pretty much available for numbering purposes where they play a huge role in understanding the future of an individual as Life Path Number is an important element that comes into play in this matter.

If the meaning of your Life Path number says that you are compassionate and helpful, other numbers in your analysis could influence this base personality type to mean that you can be helpful to the point of being meddlesome. It could also be influenced to mean that you lack the ability to say no and are often taken advantage of. This is why you can’t take just your Life Path number and believe that this clearly defines your personality.

The elements in your core analysis can have very different meanings. Your Life Path might be a 1, your Expression could be a 4 and your Soul Urge can be a 7. The Life Path number means that you tend to be a leader and you’re independent and you are very much an individual.

Your Expression number is indicative of your potential using your natural born talents and in our example an Expression number of 4 means that you could excel at establishing system and order as well as being of service. Your Soul Urge represents your innermost desires and suggests that these desires are what drive you. With a Soul Urge of 7, you would be driven by understanding spiritual truths and finding hidden meanings.

As you can see the different elements of your core profile can have different points of focus when it comes to your personality. Although the Life Path is the most prevalent and has the most influence, numerology meanings suggest that you have many different facets of your personality with some being stronger traits then others. These meanings combined together are what make a whole person.

In some cases the numerology meanings for the different elements can appear to directly contradict each other. This is because everyone has at least some aspect of each of the different meanings in their personality make up. How strongly they influence your personality is largely dependent on which numbers are calculated for which elements and whether you have any qualifying modifiers. The entire process can become quite complex if you want a truly comprehensive analysis.

Before you take just one number and count it as gospel, make sure that you are taking all of the possible variables when considering the numerology meanings for your profile. The meanings should be analyzed and taken as a whole for an accurate depiction of who you are and where you are in life.

Written by Max
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