Here are some of the best time and place to see deer rut

Plenty of deer are there in the wildlife areas and if we talk about the most popular one those are Red deer, Fallow deer and Sika deer then their favorite season is Autumn to rut. It is not same in all cases as different deer rut in different other season.

So if you are interested to know about them then the very first thing you should do is stay till the end of the article. October is the most exciting times in which you will get to see various deer engaging and mating with their loved ones.

Mostly happens after dawn

In the day time chances are less to see deer rutting with each other which is why you should try in the dawn. Many people questions about when is deer rutting season so here is the one fine answer for them which is there is no specific season.

Mostly deer rut in October month and there are some special ones those who rut in the autumn season so you need to keep these two things in mind as it will be going to make it easy for you to find them rutting.

Different deer with different strategies

Now if we talk about rutting strategies then they are different in every deer so you would not be able to find this one same in all of them. Red deer comes with unique strategies and also they are most likely to rut in private so you need to be silent at the time of watching them.

Thus these are some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to see deer rutting but make sure to not to create any sound or voice at the time of watching them.

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