Understanding Duality And Karmic Cycle

Basically Duality is a state when our soul is not aligned with our personality. Perception towards life and creation, reality and delusion, the process of taking birth on the same planet with same karmic cycles is just because we are living in the state of duality.It is like a game which is to be taken and understood seriously to come out of our earthly cycles. Let us imagine ourselves being in a particular situation with different energies. We might end up being with a poor or rich, famous or humble, a guy or a girl, a hero or a villain. Our thought process doesn’t rely on which part we are playing…!! We do not judge it as long as we feel one with the actor on the stage, Duality still has a firm hold on us. It is not wrong…!!! In a way it was meant to be like that. We were meant to forget about our true self. We try and experience all the aspects of duality or all the earthly roles of life. We narrow down and focus our consciousness to that particular role in earthly drama and we play it well. But the whole problem is that we get so much caught with these different roles in our life that we forget about the essence of this all. We forget about the purpose of going through these cycles of lives and deaths…..The sole purpose is to experience them all and move on to a higher state of consciousness maybe in a form of a light being, life on another planet at higher frequency or maybe role of an ascended master. The game got us hooked so much that we lost focus and what is left is all duality as the only reality. This makes a personality lonely and full of fear in the end, which is not surprising since the very game of duality, is based on the elements of ignorance and fe ar.

Our emotional quotient is zero which means we get on the extremes of emotional sides, either too happy or too sad. We can’t balance it out. We are in either of the extremes of our mood or thought process. We have a judgemental stream…too much involved with the outer environment. We judge people a lot. Our self esteem depends on what image others are drawing of us, trying to live up to their standards of rights and wrongs. We have a strong opinion about what is good and what is bad. Being judgmental gives us a sense of security. When one divides actions, thoughts or people into right and wrong, life is so well organized..!!Common to all these characteristics is that in all that we do or feel, we are not really there. Our consciousness resides in the outer layers of our being where it is driven by fear-oriented lower frequencies of thought and behaviour. If we are nice and agreeable all the time, we display a pattern of behaviour that does not radiate our inner being. We in fact suppress signals from the inner part of us trying to live up to someone else’s expectations in order not to lose their love, admiration or care. We have fear of our own expression. The part of us which is hidden deep down inside of us ‘Our soul’ will show a sense of dissatisfaction which intend to make us more frustrated and angry all the time, a state of confusion. We are giving all the vitamins to our personality but our soul is being left out about which even we are not aware of. The way out of this state of self-denial is to make contact with the suppressed and hidden parts within us. Some people try to resort to some herbal solutions such as magic mushrooms online Canada to deal with emotional conditions. While studies have not proven this yet, it is important to always check the safety and reliability of products when buying online. 

By going within and making contact with the hidden, suppressed parts of ourselves, we are becoming more present. We are rising above the fear and our consciousness becomes stronger with thoughts and behaviour patterns that we have taken for granted for such a long time. It is taking responsibility for itself. It takes care of the sorrow, anger and hurt inside, like a mother taking care of her child. Motive and intent are far more important than skills and methods. We all as individuals figure out a way to reach our inner self, to put a stop to confused state of mind and to realize our true purpose and motive.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of collectedbytas-ka.com and he also owns different businesses across the United States