What Is Online Social Media? –Understand the term!

Step 1 Part 1: What Is Online Social Media Anyway?

In order to get your head into using social media you need to get to a basic definition. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia and offers a fairly verbose definition. I’ve condensed it a bit below.

Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues. Businesses also refer to social media as user-generated content consumer-generated media (CGM). (UGC) or

I think the last 2 sentences really drive home what social media is all about: combining consumer generated media using technology and social interaction to create something of value.

Sometimes you’ll hear the phrase Web 2.0 used in conjunction or in place of the term social media. The two concepts are very similar as a Web 2.0 site offers its users the ability to choose whether or not to interact with others on the site. Examples of these are wiki’s, blogs, video sharing sites, and web applications like LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter. This is a very short list.

You might be wondering what Web 1.0 was about. Web 1.0 architecture was static page delivery. Basically it was the foundation that made all the www.whatever.com appear as a webpage on the Internet. When a person Buy the highest quality Instagram likes, there is a boost in the sale of the business. The use of the right pictures and videos is done at the platform to get the desired results. The appearance of the profile needs to be impressive and attractive. 

Here are some differences between websites using a Web 1.0 architecture and a Web 2.0 one.

With Web 1.0 you had:

  • Static pages created by the ‘webmaster’ instead of dynamic generated content contributed by readers

Here’s my spin on a definition for social media.

As the name suggests, social media is a communication tool. It consists of an aggregation of sites created by people who are interested in the exchange of ideas among a wide circle of people.

Hmm, so basically, what you would do in real life by going out and meeting people and making friends, social media allows you to do from any Internet-capable computer anywhere.

  • You, your kid, and even your spouse can set up an account and publish a video to YouTube.
  • You, your kid, your spouse, your office mates, boss and your neighbors can post a comment about your video.
  • I can take your video and post it to any of my blogs (that’s called syndication).

Below you’ll find a short video that does a good job of presenting the concept of Web 2.0 and social media in layman’s terms. I have to laugh a bit because we’re going to watch this video using YouTube which is what? You guessed it. YouTube is a social media tool. Why?

As you watch this YouTube video I’d like you to look for the opportunities the presenter took to establish a relationship with the viewer. Go ahead and post your thoughts in the comment area below.

I can’t wait to find out your viewpoint.

Start and stop the video by clicking the right-pointed triangle located at the bottom of the video screen. If the video is choppy that means your Internet connection is a bottleneck, too slow. Don’t fret. All you need to do is to pause the video by clicking the triangle at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see the red line advance to the end. That means the video is now temporarily downloaded to your computer. You should be able to watch the entire video now without it being so choppy.

Written by Max
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