How To Get More Visitors To Your Site From Social Media Sites

There are many different methods for getting visitors to your blog or articles from social media sites. Most of them are free, and relatively easy to master, and so in this article, I will give you some helpful tips on how to make the best use of social media to promote your blog posts.My main source of traffic according to my site stats is Facebook, and that may or may not be true, because sometimes Twitter and Google appear as many different referrers on my Counterize traffic stats, or it doesn’t show up at all. Still, Facebook has brought me literally millions of hits of traffic over the years, or at least one million anyway.The way I first began to try to get visitors to my blog from Facebook was by making friends. I originally tried to get into a group full of article writers, but what ended up happening was that I got into a group of romance novel writers by mistake, and so none of the my friends are really targeted to me at all.If you get targeted friends that is a good way to make connections because people will get friend requests and random people will add you as a friend simply because you’re friends with someone else.

This takes years to get to 5,000 friends, unless you work really hard at. A better way is to make a page, and the good thing about a page is you can give it a keyword phrase title, which will hopefully allow it to appear in a keyword search on a popular Facebook search, and hopefully on a Google search as well.Yes you can rank your Facebook page on Google for a big popular keyword phrase, and it’s not even that hard to do if you know how and are willing to put in the time.A Facebook page is the same as a regular website or it’s a sub-page of a PR 9 site, the largest site in the world. It’s free to make, and all you have to do is treat it with respect, as though it was a really important page, and your main site. What I mean by that is you have to make back links to it, and you also have to make cross links to it on Facebook.Due to the way Facebook works, you have do follow links within the site to other pages in the site so cross linking with high page rank relevant links can make your page look like a big important page on Facebook. You can make cross links just by getting likes, and you can buy Facebook likes really easily if you want to, which will help you along with the cross linking and back links.

That’s the SEO approach to Facebook, and the other way is to use Facebook Ads. There isn’t really any other way except to make groups and to go and contact people who share your interests, which is a bit like spam. Twitter is much more simple, or it is if you do it the way I do. I just get tens of thousands of followers through social swapping sites like You Like Hits and tweet to them all day long if I can.That’s all there is to it on Twitter for me, although there are technicalities that you need to know such as not to un-follow more than 300 people in a day, less if you have a new account. Just by getting tons of random followers and tweeting you will be able to get instant traffic, so long as you can word a tweet so that it appeals to regular people.Anyway, I can help you with all of these things I’ve been talking about on this page. I can get you Twitter followers, Facebook likes, social sharing, teach you how to do SEO in the post-Panda/Penguin environment.I can help you with making money online, or especially through getting traffic to your site from social media,

When there is a debate about making money online, there is always a horde among the young folks as they want to work out something just for some extra bucks so the best way is to Buy YouTube Views which are 100% Active and Real or so they think but the fact of the matter is that they have to be organic to achieve success.

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