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There are only two things that you will need in order to achieve your goals for your business website and one of those things is called Website Traffic. Traffic is the number of visitors that visits your website and the number of pages they have clicked on. Every website has their own feature wherein the administrator has all the power needed to control the website. It also includes the power to monitor all the things that is happening inside the website itself by using tools or analytics. By having that power, administrators are able to monitor all the visits and user behavior that their website is experiencing.

So how does traffic work? When a user visits your website, their presence is automatically logged and all the links or clicks that they are doing are also monitored. These numbers of visits are being added on the website itself allowing the administrator to track on how many visits and click the website gained. This is also a way on how website owners can track their success.

In the digital world, the more traffic you get the more popular you are. However, not all website has a complete tool to measure on how a website can be successful. Most tools are free, but won’t give you that complete details about what, when, where or how a customer behave inside your website.

What is another important thing that a website must have?

Another thing that any business website should have is called ‘Conversions’. There are lots of things that marketing can do today such as driving lots of traffic into your website. Traffic can be a great help to improve your business but it is not the correct way to know if your site is successful. The right way to measuring the success is by knowing on how many of those traffics have been converted into sales, leads and your goals.

To explain it further, let’s say that you have lots of traffic but there are poor conversions or poor sales. Then you need to enhance you website to gain more conversions out of that traffic. Conversion is also termed as a process wherein a certain visitor on your website performs an action. This can be by email submission, providing contact, commented on a certain topic, made sales, etc. which are considered as conversions. In short, any action that the visitor has taken that can benefit the website or which it can benefit the purpose of the website is called conversion.

Having lots of traffics but no conversions is a waste of you resources. If a business wants to have a good conversion to his website, they have to make a plan to consider for different factors to increase their website conversion.

Why most business doesn’t have a good conversion rate?

No Plan

 If you want to succeed to converting your visitor into potential customer then you need to plan something that will make them. Most business fails to gain conversions because they don’t have plan and only go with the flow of the competition. That is also the reason why most business fails to stand out in the digital world.

Poor Content

 Having a website is a tough thing to do, but it’s all worth the hard time if it will give your business a lot of benefit. But why most websites have great designs but still doesn’t have enough visitors and conversions? Content will still be an important thing even if you are a late comer or pioneer in your industry. Having content is different from having a good content. You should know the difference by now, a good content can persuade different people to make business with you. You can also notice that most people will ignore a site that has poor content structure in which can make it loss a potential customer or leads.

Call to Actions

 Call to actions is a simple thing yet a very effective way to make conversion out of your visitors. But what are these calls to actions? They come in different ways, first is the call to action that refers to. You can notice that most businesses who sell products have this “Buy now and get 1 free” or “Click here to buy”. Those examples are considered as a call to action wherein they tell a certain visitor on what to do when they get to the site. They are simple yet effective way on how to make conversions.

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