Biodegradable water bottles

We are all concerned with the state of the environment and want to do what we can to reduce the waste footprint that we create in our lives. This can cause a conundrum with regards to water bottles because on the one hand we all want to be healthy and drink fresh water all day long, but on the other hand going though water bottle after water bottle just creates heavy waste in our landfills and will lead to disaster in the long run. So many people are looking for alternatives where they can live healthy but also be considerate of the environment.

Health is the most important wealth that one can avail just because it is so easily neglected and squandered for guilty pleasures and disposing off unhygienic water bottles is a big step towards a healthy environment as most of them aren’t like personalized Nalgenes that are easily biodegradable.

One way that many people have to chosen to start making a difference is by using biodegradable water bottles instead of the standard plastic water bottles. They are a new development on the market of water bottles, and if we could make them more prevalent in our society it would have a huge long term impact in reducing overall waste for the country.

I often cringe when i see those empty plastic bottles filling up trash cans and littering the streets and alleys as I know those bottles have to go somewhere and that they will not naturally degrade for hundreds of years. What a disaster that is, environmentally speaking!

Because of pressure that is being put on retailers and manufacturers of water bottles, they have now developed types of water bottles that will degrade naturally in landfills and cause less environmental stress. Some of these bottle are even made of plastic– a special kind of plastic that is able to be broken down by bacteria and is therefore biodegradable. This is a wonderful development for our society and our children.

It is important that we as environmentally conscious consumers keep the pressure on these retailer and manufactures to increase their efforts to make their products more friendly to the environment. If we don’t keep the pressure on, there is no incentive for these businesses to change or develop new products that help out the earth. Otherwise, they will just keep using the cheap non biodegradable plastics because it offers them the best profit margin. And we all know that that is what is the primary concern for the companies.

You can do your part by making sure that you find these biodegradable water bottles and buy them. It is important to patronize the businesses that stock them and give them incentive to keep stocking them and in fact to spread them to other stores as well. We need to do our part to get these products ramped up and distributed as quickly as possible, and show that biodegradable water bottles can sell and can make profits so that the bottling companies have incentives to keep rolling them out.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States