1-stopweightloss – Heart rate

Monitoring your heart rate while exercising is a simple, very effective way to maximize the time and energy you put into your workouts. By exercising at an intensity that is right for you, you’re much more likely to achieve better results in less time. Your age, gender, fitness level, and goals all combine to make you unique, so it’s very important that you train at a heart rate that’s best suited for you.

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“I just wanted to let you know that I have been doing very well these past few weeks. The GHF website has been extremely helpful with my workouts as well as with all the many questions that I have had. I especially love the weekly workout guide that you’ve customized for me.

I have been doing the General Fitness, Phase 3, 3 days/week program and have achieved amazing results, including a loss of 12 pounds of fat. It’s hard to believe that the workouts are just so easy to follow. Consistent exercising has never been easier then it has been these past 12 weeks. I feel so much better about myself, not only because I look better, but because I have finally been able to stick with a diet and exercise program. In the past, I would start out with a bang and end (very quickly, might I add) with a crash. With this program, I have all I need to succeed.

Everything from nutritional and exercise information to the support and inspiration is also needed to keep me on track. It has given me the confidence and motivation to accomplish my goals. I have much more energy than I did before and actually want to get up in the morning to exercise. Being a member of the GHF website along with the 12-week program has been the breakthrough I’ve been looking for to lose weight.

It is always known that in order to lose weight you need more than just dieting to achieve your goals. Exercise along with support and motivation are also needed. It has been so convenient to go online to global-fitness.com and find everything I need right at my fingertips. And I never thought that I would be able to find a personalized exercise and nutrition program as I have found on the GHF website. What is even more exciting about this is that I can use the program at any time of the day.

It would cost me thousands of dollars if I were to hire a personal trainer to set up a program to fit me and it still wouldn’t be near what I have with this program. It has also been nice to get all of the tips needed to lift weights properly and to even be able to see how many sets or how much weight is needed to accomplish my goals. Thanks again and I will contact you if there is something I need help with.” Receive the Ebook Big Fat Lies just for completing the Free Fitness Analysis.

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