Relationship Break Up Advice: Save Your Relationship Or Move On

Are you in the market for some sound, “no-frills” relationship breakup advice?

If you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re more than likely feeling down in the dumps and thinking it’s the “end of the world”! You’re probably asking yourself, “How will I ever find love again?” or perhaps wondering if you can save your relationship.

Well, don’t be too worried, what you’re experiencing right now is quite normal for anyone going through a breakup. Be assured that, however horrible you’re feeling at this very moment, it will pass and you can and will get through this rough patch. All you need is some sensible relationship break-up advice to follow from Oligarchescorts so that you can move on with your life. 

Do I Save My Relationship Or Simply Move On?

When you consider you’re options, you really only have two choices.

Choice #1 – If you’re ready and happy for the relationship to be over and done with, and have no interest in trying to save it, then the decision is straightforward. Simply move on with your life!

It’s important for you to acknowledge your disappointment that what you had with your partner has ended but also be confident that you’ll get over this in due course. Markdown the failed relationship to experience and part and parcel of life. Learn from what has happened and what caused the breakup so you’re better prepared not to make the same mistakes again.

Choice #2 – If you desperately want to save your relationship, then you’ll require a completely different set of tips and strategies to get the outcome you desire.

Sounds like some sort of technical “mumbo-jumbo” doesn’t it? But, if you think about it calmly, what is being said here is quite poignant.

If your partner has just told you that they want to end the relationship, then my advice to you is to agree to the breakup! A really big mistake is to try and persuade your ex to stay in the relationship and not to leave. Agree with the breakup and let your ex go and wish them well!

Your ‘save your relationship plan‘ is to get yourself together both mentally and physically. Yes, you’re no doubt devastated that the love of your life has walked out on you! But, you have to find a way to deal with the pain and shock and to cope with it in such a way that will assist you in possibly reviving your relationship further down the track.

You need to take some time coming to terms with what has happened in your now-defunct relationship. Do this in your own time and at your own pace. Don’t make any attempt to contact your ex by phone, texting, or even face-to-face meetings…essentially, cut off all communication with your ex, period!

Instead, get in touch with your close friends and your family and give them the opportunity to help you through this upsetting and frustrating time.

You can also use this post-breakup period to make peace with yourself if there’s a need. Don’t spend the next few weeks beating yourself up about the “what if’s” and “maybe I should have’s“! You need to be emotionally sound and have your act together if you’re going to have any success at rekindling your relationship with your ex-partner.

So there you have it, simple relationship break up advice. You can either accept the breakup and move on to find a new love or try to reconcile your relationship problems.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States