List Of The Most 50 Plus Scores Across All IPL Seasons And CPL 2020 Announcement

There is no doubt with the fact that IPL is one of the most popular cricket leagues out there. One of the most popular leagues in cricket is IPL and the records set in this league are also quite popular. So, if you have been searching for the Top five: Most 50 plus scores in the IPL or the most wickets in IPL then here are a few things that you might be interested in knowing. 

List of most 50 plus scores in IPL in all seasons 

Here is a list of the players who have scored the most number of the 50s in IPL across all the seasons in which they have played. 

  1. David warner tops the list with a stunning 44 50s across different innings. 
  2. Suresh Raina is the next on this list with a record 38 50s across seasons 
  3. Shikhar Dhawan is also an expected name with 37 50s in his name in IPL 
  4. Virat Kohli is the most expected one in this list with 36 half-centuries in his name
  5. Rohit Sharma is another popular name in IPL and he has 36 half-centuries as well

Apart from this, there is Gautam Gambhir, AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, and a number of other players that follow the list.

Missing IPL 2020? Catch up on CPL 2020 this August and September 

In view of the recent pandemic, most tournaments have been canceled. But recently the CPL 2020 schedule has been released and it is set to air on August-end. This will continue until September. This is the most important cricket event in the recent scenario. The world audience is waiting to catch up on some cricket action finally.  

Thus, if you have been missing out on cricket actions then the CPL will definitely keep you entertained. This is going to be a piece of good news and solid entertainment in 2020.


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