Mr. Clean Magic Erase Sponges – My House Cleaning BFF

What one modern household helper could I live without?

Well here’s the list. I can live without the washer and dryer. I can even do without my Pledge wipes. I can even forgo the microwave. What I can not live without is my Mr. Clean Magic Erase Sponges. These wonders of modern science are pure white melamine sponges that have some magical cleansing ingredient in them. They come four to a box and can be easily stored. The sponges can get dirt, scum and grime off of any surface, from bathroom to kitchen to living room. They are good on any type of material. I clean my marble top coffee table with them without worrying about any residual scratches. I have cleaned walls with them as well as my tub. They truly are a homeowner’s best friend making my home look sparkling and spotless with their amazing power. I buy mine in my A P; cleaning section and they’re usually found with other Mr. Clean products.

They have definitely made me forget the old days. Then I had to use a dinky plastic scrub brush or lame kitchen sponge to get surfaces clean With magic Eraser sponges I can glide through my housecleaning in a snap. I love tidying up my bathroom (yes I know that sounds a bit strange but do read on). I just swipe the sponge around the sink’s surface and presto – it’s shiny and white again! Scrub it against the taps and they look practically brand new(a neat trick since mine are twenty-five years old). I love scrubbing with them as well. I don’t have to use a dangerous steam cleaner or a lousy scrub brush coated in abrasive cleanser. Magic Erase sponges are safe and non-toxic. They also don’t wreck havoc with my hands and manicure. Using them cuts my cleaning time in half. I’m not spending the afternoon furiously scrubbing away layers of soap scum. A good strong wipe against the tub surface does it. I’m free to do something else then.

I don’t like to rely on maid service and prefer to do all the cleaning by myself without anyone to help because it is a good exercise for the body which is a rare find these days and the sponge is enough for me to go on for hours.

I also love the way the sponges clean dirty walls. At one time my house had a heater that literally belched soot though the rooms. The end results were walls coated in fine black grit. It looked like I lived over a mine shaft. I tried everything to get rid of that dirt but failed. It was only when I used the Magic Erase sponges that filth finally came off and without any tell tale streaks. My walls looked newly painted even. I rejoiced. The dirt was finally gone!

What I also love about these sponges is that I can use them over and over again. I just rinse under warm water and I have a relatively useful sponge to work with on another cleaning project. I even tear them apart to get a fresh new cleaning surface.

Do these objects of perfections have flaws? Yes and it involves their packaging. I would love if it the company boxed them in packs of eight or ten instead of four. Now there are other kinds of Magic Erase sponges, ones with a foaming cleanser for really tough jobs. I would love to have the two kinds in a multi pack of eight so I don’t have to run out and get them almost every week. I would also like to see them come in smaller sizes for hard to reach areas as well.

All in all Mr. Clean Magic Erase sponges are perfect. I could give up anything else that make s my life easier but not them. They are more than a convenience, they are a necessity for my messy life.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States