Debunking The Myths Behind Making Money Online

It’s no secret that the Internet has quickly become one of the easiest ways to make money despite our present economy. Anyone can get in on this game. Earn while you (fill in the blank), but don’t be disillusioned. Don’t fall victim to the tricks scammers use that want you to think you can earn hundreds immediately – if only you buy now!

Rip-off artists will attempt to entice you by offering you a deep discount if you respond immediately. A few common tricks are:

  • Offering their “must-have” program at the discounted rate of $47 instead of $50.
  • Keeping you on their page to talk to their operators who are standing by.
  • Giving away free materials that can be redistributed if you buy into their program.

Marketers will say anything to get you excited about their products (eBook, website, report, download, down the line, etc.). They generate hype to make you think that only they have the golden key to online success, the magic formula, or the best-kept secrets.

They use phrases like “I made $1,000 overnight with no work at all, just by putting up 1 page! And now you can too, but only if you act now and review my all-inclusive, one of a kind, best program ever! It works for me and it can work for you too, just read what these satisfied customers have to say!”

They use words like Wealth, Success, and Financial Freedom. They want you to think that yes, even you can live in a mansion and drive sports cars within 30 days of buying their program because “look!” they have been doing it for years. What they may not mention is their rusting 2 door 1978 Ford pickup truck parked in the carport of their mobile home. Would you still buy their product if you knew? They are playing on your emotions of wanting more out of life and to have all the luxuries money earned online can buy.

Anyone can claim to be a Guru, Master, or Expert. By claiming they know the secrets you do not; they expect you to pay for their trade advice, hints, and tips by offering to make it “affordable” or “available at a discount for a limited time only”. One good way to determine if a marketer is legitimate is to view if offered, a bonus “free site”, which you will notice looks exactly the same as the other so-called experts’. These are called Cookie Cutter sites and they create hundreds of them, change the name, color scheme, and font, and then rebroadcast them across the Internet. If they don’t have the time to manage 1000 sites, how are they going to assist you when you need help? There are millions of sites vying for your attention to join a down line, purchase additional products from their associates, or follow their program, but they do not give you good reason to come back. When you join their highly exclusive email list they proceed to bombard you with emails (mostly SPAM) insisting you buy their latest product or service if you are to succeed. No one likes these kinds of emails, yet you willingly gave them your contact information to receive them.

Be smart! Know that these schemes are designed to make someone rich, but it won’t be you! There is always a lot of work involved, yet there are a few fortunate ones that have discovered a niche to make some money but not overnight. Want the magic formula? Want the secret to making a million dollars overnight? Any search engine can produce hundreds of websites designed to tell you how. All you need to do is post a link here or a site there, so they must work, right?

All of these sites will give you a few examples, a taste really, of how to make it online, but you won’t get all of their information unless you buy their eBook or join their website. Once you do join or buy-in, are you really going to get your money’s worth?

What is this information worth to you? Is it going to give you the knowledge, skills, or power to earn a living? Will you be able to give up your day job? Probably not. If you do purchase their program, how much are you willing to pay? Will you receive personalized attention? A successful program will give you the tools you need to get started and continue to prosper. You should not have to continue to purchase additional programs. You should be purchasing a complete package to not only get you started but to keep you going and with continued support.

Let’s face it, there IS money to be made on the Internet; however no one makes $1,000 “while they sleep”, and if they do, it is not done overnight. Earning money overnight is possible because the Internet doesn’t sleep; your site is available 24 hours a day, all over the world. Many promoters will tell you this is part of their secret success, but only once you’re a paid subscriber. Expect to put in the time and effort to create a well-designed site and carefully promote it. Believe in your product and you will succeed.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States