Wii Fit Review: My True Weight Loss Story

Wii Fit, what an unusual game it is. A game that lets you do some light exercises, while enjoying yourself, most of the time. This innovative game got me, and my wife more active then we normally were, that was only working out 3 days a week before. I can find some things to complain about for Wii Fit that did take away from the fun of it for some time, but for the most part I never got bored of playing it everyday, almost. Trust me, I thought Wii Fit was so stupid when I saw it in stores, and was quite mad at my wife when she picked it up, but my mood to it changed quickly from hate to love.

I am 5′ 10″ and when I started to play Wii Fit my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 26.5. This was in the “At Risk For Overweight” category, and was a little surprised that I was not in the healthy weight range as I looked and felt very healthy, except for a little bit of stomach flab. My weight was 184.9 LBS.

Through my first week of playing Wii Fit I didn’t really notice anything except that the annoying Wii Fit board of the screen was already trying to give me fitness tips. I only lost .8 LBS in my first week, but continued to play it as it was fun and addictive, for a while.I played an average of 18 minutes each day this week. The hardest workout I’ve played yet is the 10 minute hola-hoop challenge.

My second week I was only scheduled for my work two days, and increased my time playing Wii Fit greatly. I lost an additional 1.3 LBS this week, and have unlocked most of the games. I played an average of 38 minutes this week, and actually believed that this thing could help me lose weight.

The third week starts and I’m not feeling quite up to part, and decide not to play it for two days. This was my worst week on Wii Fit, as I gained 2.4 LBS, I know weigh more than I did before I got the game. I only played an average of 13 minutes this week.

The fourth week comes by, and I notice that some of the games are getting rather tedious for me. I decide to just play aerobics, yoga, and strength training games this week. This is my best week on Wii Fit so far, as I lost six LBS. I was surprised at how much I was sweating from doing more strength training exercises, as I neglected them for quite a while. I played for an average of 28 minutes this week.

My fifth week (3 days long) I lost .6 LBS after playing the game for an average of 12 minutes in these three days. I was proud of my success in losing some weight. My final weight was 178.6 LBS, and my BMI is now 25.6. Not much to brag about, in losing any of this weight, but this shows you that one of your fellow CP lost weight by playing a video game exercising with help from a video game. The weight of the person will be increased when there will be continuous watching and playing of the video games. The results of the checking the leptitox reviews will be effective for the person. 

The game is very fun to play when you first get it, and is addictive for the first few weeks. I did start to get bored of playing the same games over and over again, then decided to switch it up and try some I hadn’t played that much before. The only complaints I have about this game is the above reason of the games becoming tedious, and when the balance board says “Step On” after configuring itself, it says “Are You Fidgeting” and makes you repeat this process quite a bit. Another thing that bugs me with this game/exercise helper is that I felt like I was being dissed by technology when it said I wasn’t a healthy weight.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of collectedbytas-ka.com and he also owns different businesses across the United States