Skate Offers The Most In Virtual Skateboarding To Date

Having been an avid video-game enthusiast when the first Tony Hawk game was released for PS1, I felt as though I were a veteran in the realm of skateboarding games. I thought I knew and played only the best offered. Until I tried Skate.

To begin, this game requires a completely new and unique way of controlling your skater. The left and right joystick simulate your characters legs, and you must act as though each joystick represents your two feet atop a board. By a mix of flicking, rolling and pressing, the player is able to run through an endless list of tricks. Although initially it is seemingly discouraging because of the challenge, the thumb action quickly becomes addictive and fun. Unlike Tony Hawk games where your character ollies, or jumps, by simply pushing “X”, Skate requires that you slide the joystick down and then pop it immediately forward, as a skateboarder does with his or her feet in reality. This type of controlling offers a much more satisfying way of connecting virtual skateboarding to real skateboarding.

Of course as a PS3 release, the graphics are absolutely stunning. Shimmering colors and crisp edges create a yearn to explore as much of the virtual city as possible. Mentioning the virtual city, I can’t fail to mention that this city is completely massive. After playing the game for days and days, I still have not been able to explore nearly all the streets, alleyways, parks, pools, etc that the world of San Vanelona contains. The character can skate anywhere in the map for hours with no waiting and no loading. The world is literally at your fingertips. (Imagine running through Grand Theft Auto maps on a skateboard.)

As an enthusiast of skateboarding for many years now, it is extremely easy to appreciate how realistic the skateboarder’s story is. Beginning as an amateur, your character has to pay many dues and skate extremely hard to start getting the cred he or she deserves. This requires many intense photo and video shoots, and whatever else it may take to prove the world of skateboarding that your demanding their attention. After rigorous trials and tribulations, the character finally starts to become recognized by the best, and accepted as one of the best. This is the universal truth that all skateboarders with aspirations to become professional understand. Simple and brilliant. The experience of the players will be real while playing at the lol smurfs account of the video games. The truth behind the games will be that the preparing of the strategy will be based on the real playing. It will help the person to win in the games. 

Skate has proven to be one of the most cutting edge, beautiful, and realistic games to date and will not let its followers down. If you enjoy skateboarding or not, this is sure to provide endless hours of fun for any age. I recommend purchasing immediately.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States