Know Which Is More Effective – Mopping Or Vacuum Cleaning?

With the advancement in technology, modern vacuum cleaners have come in the picture. Though it was invented in the 1500s but today you can find a much-advanced vacuum cleaner than before. Even when you talk about the mops, they are also built in a manner so that it makes it easier for you to stand and do the job. When the comparison factor comes in there can be certain factors that might decide which is the best or better amongst these two. According to some experts, vacuum cleaners are better because you cannot always mop the hard surfaces floors.

Comparison of mop and vacuum cleaners

  • According to the traditional mindset and habits mops have dominated every household irrespective of the floor surface.
  • So it has not been convenient to use the vacuum cleaners for the same.
  • But with the advancement in technology vacuum cleaners have come up which can clean not only the floors but also dust your sofa, carpets and pillows.
  • Vacuum can remove more dust from the floor than the mops as per the experts.
  • Vacuum is based on the suction techniques to it can suck up more soil than the mop.
  • Mops can sometimes miss the slightest of dust in the corners but vacuum cleans every bit of the corner.
  • Vacuum takes less time and energy than the mopping and also delivers the best results.

Sum up

So now the results are pretty clear. For old people or people with back pains, vacuum cleaning can just be the best. There are top brands like dyson v10 absolute, Eureka Forbes, Karcher WD and more to choose with. It is equally important to choose the brand wisely as not all vacuum cleaners might deliver you quality results. So choose the best products for your home and save your time and energy.

Written by Max
Max Dugas is a professional journalist and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of and he also owns different businesses across the United States